21 July 2019

The successful new three-dimensional technology used by Dr. Linos for retroperitoneal adrenalectomies in the “Vradini tis Kyriakis” newspaper

Vradini tis Kyriakis, 20/07/2019 Dr. Dimitrios Linos, Director of Surgery of the Hygeia Hospitals Group, successfully carried out for the first time in Greece two retroperitoneal […]
19 June 2016

The University of Nicosia Medical School: A shining example of Private Higher Education

Professor Linos attended the graduation ceremony of doctors of the University of Nicosia Medical School held in Nicosia on 6 May. Attending the graduation ceremony were […]
8 March 2015

“Smart solutions for universities’ financing”

Professor of Surgery Dimitrios Linos, in his article entitled “Smart solutions for universities’ financing” and published in the newspaper “TO VIMA” suggests three methods concerning the […]
4 October 2013

Prof Linos’ interview in health.in.gr

Modern surgical techniques and the way they can be accessible to all was the main topic of Prof. Linos’ interview hosted at health.in.gr. Prof. Linos made […]
1 November 2012

Article “Music meets surgery: two sides to the art of ‘healing’ ” published in Surgical Endoscopy

An interesting article on the effect of music in the operating room with the title “Music meets surgery: two sides to the art of ”healing” was […]
1 September 2011

Professor Linos writes in the magazine K-life about the benefits exercise has on mental health

n his article “Exercise can improve anxiety and depression”, published in the magazine K-life of the newspaper “Kathimerini” in the August 2011 issue, Professor Linos refers […]
1 August 2011

Article about the importance of exercise in K-life of Kathimerini newspaper

Professor Dimitirios Linos emphasized the importance of including exercise in our lives to help prevent several diseases, including colon cancer, in his article titled“Exercise can significantly […]
7 December 2010

Professor Linos’ article on the education reform in Hong Kong in the Greek newspaper Real News

Athens, December 6, 2010 In his article “The education reform in Hong Kong is a good lesson for Greece”, published in the newspaper «Real News», on […]
2 November 2010

Dr.Linos in the Greek health magazine

Athens, November 1, 2010 – Professor Linos collaborated with journalist Ms. Niki Psaltis on an article about the new surgical techniques without scar for the October […]