The University of Nicosia Medical School: A shining example of Private Higher Education

Professor Linos is the new President of the International Association of Endocrine Surgeons
26 August 2015
Professor Linos at the Multidisciplinary Trauma mini-Conference Feb 19, 2017
20 February 2017

Professor Linos attended the graduation ceremony of doctors of the University of Nicosia Medical School held in Nicosia on 6 May. Attending the graduation ceremony were representatives from the government and all the state health institutions of Cyprus, Professor Jenny Highan, Dean of St George’s University of London Medical School, Professor Mike Spyer chair of council at St George’s University of London, Dr. Ian Mc Phee academic lead for the international higher education programmes, along with tenured professors in Cyprus, like Professor of Medical Education Peter Mc Grorie.
The strong presence of state institutions in the ceremony along with the training agreement between the larger public hospitals and the Medical School of Nicosia for the training of its students demonstrates the substantial support of the state for a high level private education.