Thyroid -
Parathyroid Glands

• Multinodular Goiter

• Toxic Goiter

• Grave’s disease

• Papillary carcinoma

• Mollecular carcinoma

• Anaplastic carcinoma

• Genetic Syndromes
• Primary hyperparathyroidism

• Parathyroid adenoma

• Parathyroid Hyperplasia

• Secondary hyperparathyroidism

Adrenal Glands -

• Primary Hyperaldosteronism (Conn's Syndrome)

• Cushing's Syndrome

• Pheochromocytoma

• Paraganglioma

• Adrenal Cancer

• Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Syndromes 1 & 2 (MEN1, MEN2)
• Benign diseases

• Insulinoma

• Pancreatic cancer

Laparoscopic &
General Surgery

• Benign diseases

• Breast cancer
Dr. Linos is one of the authors on the European Guidelines for the surgical treatment of early breast cancer.

He has also worked in large scale programs targeting breast cancer prevention. Dr. Linos has been trained in the USA and is licensed in the use of breast ultrasonography for painfree diagnosis and therapy.
A distinctive example is his contribution to the authoring of the "European guidelines for quality assurance in the surgical management of mammographically detected lesions" first in 1998, and his recent contribution to the review and re-publication of this textbook.
Upon his return to Greece from the U.S.A Dr. Linos gave particular emphasis on the broad application of the new "specialization" of Laparoscopic Surgery.

He clinically contributed to the application and usage not only of laparoscopic cholecystectomy, but also of laparoscopic appendicitis, ovariectomy, lysis of adhesions, adrenalectomy, vagotomy, colectomy, hernia repair, lymphadenectomy, tumour staging etc., actually accomplishing the most "firsts" of laparoscopic procedures in Greece.
The management of herniae, hemorrhoids and other usual surgical diseases with the use of new techniques is part of Dr. Linos' clinical practice and research activity. Writer of the book "Laparoscopic General Surgery", Dr. Linos organized Educative Seminars (550 credit hours) on the training of Laparoscopic Surgery, a Symposium on Laparoscopic Surgery and participated in Greek and International Conventions on Laparoscopic Surgery.
• Benign diseases

• Large bowel cancer

• Pilonidal sinus

• Anal fistulas

• Haemorrhoids