Article about the importance of exercise in K-life of Kathimerini newspaper

American Surgeon of Harvard Medical School, Roy Phitayakorn at Hygeia Hospital
30 June 2011
Professor Linos writes in the magazine K-life about the benefits exercise has on mental health
1 September 2011

Professor Dimitirios Linos emphasized the importance of including exercise in our lives to help prevent several diseases, including colon cancer, in his article titled“Exercise can significantly reduce the risk of colon cancer” published in the July issue of the montlhy edition of Kathimerini newspaper K-life.

As he characteristically argues, “exercise is not a life style but a compulsory need for a healthy life and a prerequisite” that can prevent several serious illnesses, such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Especially in the case of colon cancer, exercise is very beneficial both postoperatively, for patients who have been already operated, as well as for preventive reasons. According to several studies, people, who have had an operation and exercise, can reduce the chances of recurrence by 40-50%, while those, who do not suffer from colon cancer and exercise, can reduce the risk of developing cancer (at least of colon cancer) by 35%.

The reason behind this is not entirely clear. However, a recent study published in the British Journal of Cancershowed that regular exercise can stop the occurrence of polyps, which are precursors of colon cancer.

Hence, all of the above offer one more reason for which exercise should be an integral part of our lives.

You can read the article HERE (republication from K-life)

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