35th Hellenic Conference of Endocrinology and Metabolism

Symposium for Breast Cancer
18 March 2008
NOTES in the Conference “What’s new in medicine”
2 April 2008

March 19-22 2008, ATHENS

On Saturday, March 22, Dr. Linos participated in the 35th Hellenic Conference of Endocrinology and Metabolism in the posted announcements on adrenal glands. The title of the announcement was a case study by Dr. Linos, Dr. S. Theiakogiorgou and Dr. V. Markou from the Endocrinology Department of the Pathology Clinic of the University of Patra, Greece.

The conference was organized by the Hellenic Endocrine Society – Panhellenic Association of Endocrinologists and took place from 19 to 22 of March, in the Megaro International Conference Center of Athens.

In this year’s conference, great effort was made to cover various fields of endocrinology, either in the form of “round tables”, or in individual speeches. The impressively big number of presentations and posted announcements indicates the notable research activity of different departments and members.