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ACS 94th Annual Clinical Congress
20 October 2008
Professor Dr Linos, invited speaker at the 17th International Congress of the European Association of Endoscopic Surgery – EAES in Prague
3 July 2009

“Plenty of thought has been put into the detail of this work … . there is a consistency throughout the book and the chapters are well referenced. The operative technique section is particularly well illustrated … . The chapter on adrenal sparing surgery is both fascinating and thought provoking. … This is a valuable reference book for endocrinologists, radiologists and endocrine surgeons. It is essential reading for the increasing number of surgeons who are gifted in laparoscopic surgery but ignorant about the subject of endocrine surgery … .” (D. Scott-Coombes, The Royal Colleges of Surgeons of Edinburgh and Ireland, Vol. 3 (6), 2005)
“An up to date, quite practical but yet comprehensive textbook focused on the field … . From its preface to subject index, this book is really exciting. In my opinion, the very first author’s merit was to approach the problematics of adrenal diseases in a very practical way; Every topic is addressed … by contributors with a well-established experience in the field. … Dimitrios Linos and Jon van Heerden stroke a decisive blow with their state-of-the-art textbook on Adrenal surgery. … endeavour that was well worth their effort.” (Etienne Hamoir, Acta Chirurgica Belgica, Vol. 105 (4), 2005).

“The various syndromes associated with the adrenal gland are described in great detail and this book brings together a wealth of experience of some extremely rare conditions. There are excellent up-to-date chapters … . The illustrations are clear and the text valuable. All in all, this is an excellent monograph on the surgery of the adrenal glands and is to be recommended to all who have an interest in the management of the rare conditions associated with them” (Richard Collins, Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, Vol. 88, 2006).

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