Professor Linos presented MINET at 55th International Surgical Group Meeting

Article “Music meets surgery: two sides to the art of ‘healing’ ” published in Surgical Endoscopy
1 November 2012
The 1st South Eastern Europe Robotic Surgery Society (SEERSS) International Congress in Robotic Surgery
4 December 2012

Professor Linos attended the 55th International Surgical Group Meeting (ISG 2012), held in Hong Kong from the 12th to 15th of November 2012. The conference was organized by the Department of Surgery, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, making it the first ever annual ISG program to be held in Asia.

The International Surgical Group (ISG) brings together distinguished and renowned surgeons of every surgical specialty, disposing of high medical and scientific merits.
Member of the ISG, Professor Linos attended the meeting and presented on the “Minimally invasive non endoscopic thyroidectomy (MINET)”. More specifically, the MINET procedure uses a small neck incision, resulting in a better aesthetic outcome and increased patient satisfaction. Additionally, it is a safer, more “radical” and less expensive thyroidectomy compared to other minimally invasive thyroidectomy techniques.

During his presentation, Professor Linos described the procedure, sharing the experience of his surgical team that has performed it on over 1100 patients.