Professor Linos on the TV show “Check Up”

Professor Linos on television show “Anoixtes Selides” of Aheloos TV
3 March 2014
Professor of Surgery Dimitrios Linos was acknowledged by the Association of Smyrneans for his significant contribution to the Association’s work
16 February 2015

Dimitrios Linos, Professor of Surgery was hosted on the TV show “Check Up” which aired on November 29, 2014.

The main topics of the discussion were the diseases of the adrenal glands and the ways to treat them as well as the general developments in surgery. As Prof. Linos mentioned, “In1992 laparoscopic surgery revolutionized the classic surgery. Today a surgical operation is performed by using a camera and a screen….”. Some of the multiple benefits of laparoscopic surgery are the following: the time of surgical operation is reduced, it is a minimally invasive surgery, recovery time is shorter and patients experience less pain since only a small incision is required during surgery.

Professor Linos placed particular emphasis on the patient-physician relationship. In particular, he pointed out that “the aim of the physician needs to be what is best for the patient; not what is best for the pharmaceutical companies or his/her personal interests. When patients are told the truth, they can sense it.”

Lastly, Prof. Linos referred to the 13th International Postgraduate Course in Endocrine Surgery, which took place from September 28 – to October 1st 2014 in Messinia, Greece at the Costa Navarino Hotel Resort.

You can watch the interview using the below link: