Professor Linos guest speaker in the 1st Term of the Open People’s University of Chania

Chapters by Professor Dimitrios Linos in two major International Surgery Textbooks
7 November 2010
Professor Linos was invited speaker at the 1st National Conference Forum of Public Health and Social Medicine
26 November 2010


Professor Dimitrios Linos was Guest Speaker at the Open University of Chania on thyroid disease and treatments. The People’s Open University is organized and implemented by the Municipal Social Policy Agency of the City of Chania and targets in lifelong learning and training of citizens in contemporary science issues by promoting physical and mental health. The first course had the theme “Health: Man and Medicine” and supported by significant and recognized doctors of various specialties.

Invited Rapporteur on the first term was Professor Linos, who explained the function of the thyroid gland, outlined the main diagnostic tests and presented the pathology of thyroid focusing on different types of cancer. He continued with the surgical treatment of thyroid diseases, describing the latest techniques designed to cure the problem, reduce postoperative complications and the best possible aesthetic result. Professor completed his presentation by referring to the postoperative monitoring of thyroid cancer.

People greeted with great interest the first course of popular Open University and in particular the suggestion of Prof. Linos participating with questions and concerns about the diseases of the thyroid gland, which worries a large number of people and especially women.