Professor Dimitris Linos in collaboration with the association “Alma Zois” for breast cancer

Professor Linos’ article on the education reform in Hong Kong in the Greek newspaper Real News
7 December 2010
Interview with Professor Dimitriοs Linos for the TV show “Open Pages”
11 June 2011

In collaboration with the National Association of Women with Breast Cancer “Alma Zois”, the Municipality of Keratsini & Drapetsona organized a scientific and informational meeting concerning the prevention and early diagnosis of breast cancer. The meeting, which was hosted at the Cultural Center Anthony Samarakis, was held on Wednesday May 18th, 2011. Given that Professor Linos is an avid proponent of “Alma Zois” important work, he was one of the key speakers at the event.

Dr. Linos’ speech, entitled “Prevention and early detection of breast cancer”, stressed the importance of self-examination and mammography, giving useful tips on the preventative measures any woman can take.

The welcoming speech was delivered by Deputy Mayor Ms. Georgia Georgakopoulou and the President of “Alma Zois”, Ms. Diane Gavriilidou. Afterwards, Ms. Christina Mitsis, psychologist and member of the national Psychotherapist’s Association, delivered a speech and two volunteers of the Association shared their inspiring, personal experiences.