Prof Linos at the Annual Meetings SAGES 2013 and 34th AAES

Prof. linos and his surgical team at the Spring Conference of the Greek Society of Endocrine Surgery, in the European Centre of Delphi
12 April 2013
Prof Linos at the 4th Serbian Diaspora Medical Conference 2013
20 May 2013

This year’s SAGES Meeting entitled “Innovating the Present for the Future” was held in Baltimore, USA, on April 17-20. The Meeting included several scientific sessions and postgraduate courses. The postgraduate course on “Controversial Topics in MIS Endocrine Surgery” was particularly interesting as it focused on several current controversies in endocrine surgery, e.g. advantages and disadvantages of robotic vs open thyroidectomy, and concluded with a panel discussion of several challenging endocrine surgical cases.

As part of this course, Prof. Linos participated in the debate on open vs laparoscopic resection for a 4cm suspected adrenal cortical carcinoma and gave a speech entitled “The Laparoscopic Approach Is Preferred”, presenting the advantages of the laparoscopic method. His surgical team also contributed with a poster presentation entitled “Right adrenal vein: Posterior Retroperitoneoscopic or Laparoscopic Anterior Approach?»

In addition, Prof. Linos participated in the 34thAAES Annual Meeting. The aim of the Meeting, held in Chicago, USA, on 14-16 April, was to present the latest developments in endocrine surgical techniques and related research.