Prof. Linos’ announcement (poster) awarded during the International Surgical Week 2013

Prof. Linos at the 12th International Association of Endocrine Surgeons Postgraduate Course
30 July 2013
Prof. Linos at the 12th Annual Conference HealthWorld 2013
23 September 2013

Prof. Linos was awarded for his poster during the International Surgical Week 2013, held in Helsinki, on August 25-29, 2013. The theme of the Congress, organized by the International Society of Surgery and the Finnish Surgical Society, was “Connecting Surgeons”. The Congress offered interesting sessions with up-to-date information delivered by world leaders in their field to surgeons from all specialties.

More specifically, Prof. Linos, presenting the latest data in thyroid surgery, referred to non- endoscopic minimally invasive thyroidectomy. The announcement, based on his article titled “Less is More: Minimally Invasive Non Endoscopic Thyroidectomy”, was awarded as one of the best Congress abstracts. Prof. Linos made an oral presentation and talked about the characteristics of this surgical method.

He stressed in particular its advantages, as minimally invasive non endoscopic thyroidectomy uses less expensive technology and at the same time provides the patient with more safety and more “total” thyroidectomy.