Prof Dimitrios Linos offers information about Thyroid Tumors in the May 2009 issue of “SHAPE”

Professor Dr Linos presented «The position of retroperitoneal laparoscopic adrenalectomy» at the 4th Surgical Symposium of Central Greece
7 July 2009
Interview with Dr. Michal Mekel, the endocrine fellow from MGH who completes a one-month surgical rotation in Endocrine Surgery at Hygeia Hospital next to Prof Linos
10 August 2009

The May issue of Greek SHAPE Magazine hosted a special on «Cancer can be defeated». Prof Linos, whose contribution to the development of Endocrine Surgery and surgery of the thyroid gland in particularly, is significant in Greece as well as internationally, answered important questions regarding thyroid tumors.

The article included a description of the four types of thyroid cancer: papillary (which represents the majority of cases), follicular, medullary and the rarest, anaplastic thyroid cancer. Prof Linos presented the surgical treatment that is usually recommended, total thyroidectomy, which ensures the cure for most cases of thyroid cancer. Thyroid surgery is a delicate operation, but when performed by experienced endocrine surgeons, only rarely presents complications such as hoarseness, low calcium levels, bleeding, etc.

The Professor also referred to a new thyroid surgery technique which he and his medical team perform at HYGEIA Hospital, called «non-endoscopic minimally invasive thyroidectomy». The advantages of this technique is that the incision is smaller than usual and it is at a higher level, while the patient has minimal pain and remains in hospital only for one day. Furthermore, during the procedure, the surgical team uses special equipment to monitor the nerves of the vocal chords to avoid injury, further reducing the risk for complications.