Gift of life by Prof. Linos to young Reema

Prof. Linos, as a chairman and a main speaker, at the Conference of the Surgical Clinic of the University of Thessaly and the Greek Chapter of the American College of Surgeons in Larissa
4 February 2013
Prof. linos and his surgical team at the Spring Conference of the Greek Society of Endocrine Surgery, in the European Centre of Delphi
12 April 2013

Prof. Linos and his surgical team offered a true gift of life to young Reema.

The 6 year old girl from Syria is healthy and smiling again, after a successful surgery, by Prof. Linos at Mitera Hospital. It was an operation to restore bowel injury due to the recent conflict in Syria.

Both Reema and her father expressed their gratitude for those who selflessly and lovingly helped them get through this adventure. As a sign of her gratitude, the young girl offered them a painting that presents the nightmare she had to face in Syria as well as the love offered to her in Greece.