Dr. Linos talks about cancer on Greek TV

NOTES in the Conference “What’s new in medicine”
2 April 2008
Educational Event on Breast Cancer
27 May 2008

March 26 2008, ATHENS

On Wednesday, March 26, Dr. Linos appeared in one of the most popular shows of the Greek national television, named “It is worth seeing”, on ANT1 channel. Presenter of the show is Mrs. Tatiana Stefanidou and the specific show was focused on cancer. The guests were women that have been affected by this disease in different ways, and have either won their battle or are still fighting, offering moving examples of human strength and heroism.

Dr. Linos was invited to the show because of his specialization in surgical oncology and breast surgery, as well as because of his great involvement and contribution to cancer prevention. In the discussion that took place, he stressed once more the importance of prevention and the need to adopt healthy behaviors, such as physical exercise, quitting smoking and healthy diet. Changing our health attitudes, behaviors and lifestyles can contribute not only to prevention of cancer, but also to a stronger “better-equipped” battle, if one needs to fight this disease.