Dr. Linos guest speaker for the Surgical Treatment of Obesity at the 10th Panhellenic Conference on Nutrition-Dietetics

HYGEIA S.Α.: The first in Greece and in Europe, Robotic Thyroidectomy with the da Vinci ® S System
4 September 2009
Ο κ. Λινός μέλος της συντακτικής επιτροπής του νέου “World Journal of Endocrine Surgery” – Δημοσίευση άρθρου στο 1ο τεύχος
4 February 2010

Professor Dr. Dimitrios Linos was a guest speaker and President at the Surgical Treatment of Obesity Roundtable, in the 10th Panhellenic Conference on Nutrition – Dietetics. The conference, organized by the Hellenic Association of Dietitians every two years, was held from November 13 to 15, 2009 at the Badminton Theater in Athens, Greece.

In his speech, entitled “New techniques in the surgical treatment of obesity”, Dr. Linos, after discussing the effects of obesity on health, presented the most common and modern surgical techniques. The Professor specifically referred to the adjustable gastric band, the gastric bypass, and, finally, the sleeve gastrectomy. He also stressed particularly the need for comprehensive treatment and supervision by a specialized medical team consisting of the surgeon, the internist, the dietitian, the psychologist, and trainer.

The seminar was attended by numerous dieticians, nutritionists and other scientists and professionals who participated in conferences, roundtables, satellite symposia and debates. Greek and international experts presented important and relevant issues on nutrition and health, exercise and obesity problems.