Chapters by Professor Dimitrios Linos in two major International Surgery Textbooks

Dr.Linos in the Greek health magazine
2 November 2010
Professor Linos guest speaker in the 1st Term of the Open People’s University of Chania
24 November 2010

Two very important recent additions to international medical literature include chapters written by Professor Dimitrios Linos.

The first textbook is titled Endocrine Surgery and was published by Springer in 2009. This book includes a chapter written by Professor Linos entitled Incidentalomareferring to his experience on surgical treatment of adrenal tumors discovered incidentally. Professor Linos’ work and experience on the surgical treatment of diseases of the adrenal glands is widely known and recognized internationally.

The second book is entitled International Principles of Laparoscopic Surgery, and is a 2010 edition. The most acclaimed surgeons from around the world in the field of Laparoscopic Surgery were involved in the production of this textbook. Professors E. Frezza, M. Gagner, M. Li are the editors of this textbook, which could be considered as the modern “Bible” in Laparoscopic Surgery. Professor Dr. Linos is author of the chapter entitled Minimally Invasive Thyroid Surgery, which describes his expertise in minimally invasive thyroidectomy.

It is of great significance for Greece and its medical community to have chapters written by a Greek surgeon included in the most up-to-date and reliable international textbooks.