Academic, Professor Stamatis Krimigis at the annual Dinner of the Hellenic American Medical Society

The First Medical School in Cyprus: Challenges and Perspectives
21 January 2012
Prof. Dimitris Linos at the TV Greek program
9 March 2012

ATHENS, February 17, 2012 – Head of many interplanetary missions of NASA, Academic Stamatis Krimigis, whose name has been given to an asteroid, was the main speaker this year for the New Year’s annual event of the Hellenic American Medical Society (HAMS). The event took place on Monday, February 20, 2012 at 8pm., at Hesperides hall of the Hilton hotel.

“Greece at a Crossroad: The Role of the National Council for Research and Technology” was the title of his speech. “The presence of Professor Krimigis was a great honor for our Association, as he did not only present a very interesting topic, but also inspired us with optimism for the future of the country and provided us with a” remedy “for the pessimism that we often see around us today!” mentioned Prof. Dimitrios Linos, President of HAMS.

Prof. Krimigis, who originally comes from the Greek island Chios, has worked as head of research and applications in numerous experiments and missions of NASA and he is the National Representative of Greece in the European Space Agency (ESA). Moreover, he is a member of Athens Academy and Honorary Director at the Space Department of the Applied Physics Laboratory of John Hopkins University in the U.S. Twice he was awarded the Medal for Exceptional Scientific Achievement NASA and over 30 group awards (Group Achievement Awards) of NASA and ESA. In 1999, the International Astronomical Union named the asteroid «1979 UH» after the Greek scientist in his honor «8323 krimigis».

Having published over 400 papers in scientific journals and books, Prof. Krimigis has has presented more than 1150 speeches at conferences, Universities, Academies and educational meetings around the world. In 1997, the Greek President honored him with the Phoenix Gold Cross. He has often testified before Congressional Committees on issues of Space Science and Technology and his discoveries have often been hosted in the headlines of newspapers and magazines in Greece, America and worldwide.

The event was attended by numerous members of the Hellenic American Medical Society, Academics, Professors and other distinguished scientists. Prof. Krimigis’ speech, who was educated and has excelled through his academic and professional career in the U.S., was met with great enthusiasm by HAMS’ friends and members, who are physicians, trained or practiced medicine in the U.S.
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