The First Medical School in Cyprus: Challenges and Perspectives

97th Annual Clinical Congress of the American College of Surgeons (ACS)
23 October 2011
Academic, Professor Stamatis Krimigis at the annual Dinner of the Hellenic American Medical Society
17 February 2012

The unique opportunity offered to young scientists (biologists, pharmacists, etc.) to pursue a medical degree from one of the UK’s premier Medical Schools at the first Medical School in Cyprus was presented during an event that recently took place in Athens. The key speaker of the event, held on January 21, 2012, was the Dean of the St. George’s University of London, University of Nicosia Medical Program, Professor Paul Kymissis.

During his speech titled “The First Medical School in Cyprus: Challenges and Perspectives”, Professor Kymissis noted that the first private Medical School in Cyprus is the result of a significant partnership between “St. George’s, University of London, one of the leading Medical Schools in the United Kingdom, and the University of Nicosia, the largest private university in Cyprus, which have joined forces to offer the St George’s graduate-entry 4-year MBBS programme in Cyprus”. The Dean presented in detail the admission process and the required entry qualifications, as well as the innovative student-centered approach to learning that the programme implements. As Professor Kymissis elaborated, students work in small groups and are allocated a tutor, who does not act as a teacher, but rather as a facilitator of learning.

The Dean, also, proudly talked about the first 30 students of the programme. The students of the Class of 2015 come from all over the world and will graduate with the worldwide recognised degree from St George’s, University of London. Finally, he referred to the future aims and perspectives of the programme, such as the development of research programmes and the participation in post graduate education programmes in Cyprus.

The host of the event, Dr. Dimitrios Linos, Professor of Surgery of the Medical School of St. George’s University of London, talked with great enthusiasm about the new Medical School in Cyprus and noted “I am really glad and proud to be able to personally contribute to such an important academic initiative for Cyprus, Greece and the whole world”.

Representatives from foreign schools in Athens as well as Professors of Medical Schools in Greece and the U.S.A. attended the event. The participants addressed several questions to the speaker with great interest in the opportunities offered by the new programme, engaging in a fruitful dialogue.

Please find attached Prof. Paul Kymissis’ presentation.

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